The Lambton Area Water Supply System was transferred to its municipal owners under a transfer order issued from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) under the Municipal Water and Sewage Transfer Act, 1997. The municipalities that own LAWSS are City of Sarnia, Township of St. Clair, Town of Plympton-Wyoming, Township of Warwick, Village of Point Edward and Municipality of Lambton Shores. The system was transferred jointly to the municipalities on July 3, 2003. LAWSS is governed by a Joint Board of Management (the “Board”) which consists of political representatives from each owner community. The LAWSS General Manager reports to the LAWSS Board. In 2012, LAWSS entered a 20-year contract with Ontario Clean Water Agency to operate and maintain the facilities owned by LAWSS.

The Lambton Area Water Supply System (LAWSS) includes a direct filtration water treatment plant (WTP) with a maximum rated capacity of 181,844 m3/d and 67,000 m3 of storage capacity. The WTP uses chemically assisted filtration with disinfection and supplies water to approximately 120,000 users in Lambton County. LAWSS has about 250 km of water main of various sizes and materials, three standpipes, one elevated tower and two booster stations. The East and West Lambton Booster Stations have 9,000 m3 and 90,000 m3 of water storage, respectively and both have the ability to re-chlorinate the water prior to being re-pumped into the distribution system. The drawing below provides an overview of our system showing our water treatment plant location, booster station locations, and transmission main locations.